Criselda Dudumashe almost died this week! The HIV-Aids activist revealed the shocking news on her social media platforms

“I’m under the weather in the truest of sense. I almost kicked the bucket yesterday and ended with a diagnosis of another chronic illness,” she wrote on Wednesday.

The radio presenter added that she is sharing the news because she wants to “remind all of us” that we only have one life to live.

“Treat yourself with kindness. Acknowledge and manage life stressors because eventually they impact negatively on your health. As I sleep in this hospital bed, I’m grateful for more time to serve. Thank you Jehovah for your Grace. MassivMetro and virtual family pray with me for God’s will,” she added.

It’s been a tough year for Criselda. She took a break from her radio show, SAfm’s Lifetime Live, in January after revealing that her husband assaulted her

“Yesterday on 21 January 2019, my husband raised his hand on me and beat me (sic)… Yesterday… Revealed a different side to my Prince Charming. We woke up, exchanged unpleasant words, but I just pressed on to get to work by 12noon, not knowing that I was to walk right back home just after 4pm to a raging monster out for blood (sic),” she wrote on Instagram.

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Criselda dropped the abuse charges that she filed against her husband.

“I have had time to think about the case I opened against my husband for assaulting me and I decided to withdraw the case if he agreed to conditions,” she told the Daily Sun

Despite the radio personality seemingly giving her husband a second chance, she urged her followers to be aware of red flags in their relationships

“Prevention is the best medicine. To avoid getting involved with an abuser when you’re dating, beware of someone who: • Insists on having his or her way and won’t compromise. • Has outbursts of anger. • Is rude to others. • Criticises you or your family. • Is jealous or possessive. • Is paranoid. • Threatens you. Pay attention to these signs despite the fact that the person is pursuing you and expressing love and affection,” she wrote.

Criselda is still in hospital after her latest health scare but she seems to be on the mend.

“Feeling much better family, thank you for the prayers and words of encouragement. It’s a brand new day,” she captioned a picture from her hospital bed on Friday.