Tired of steaks on your stainless steel kitchen gadgets?

Stainless steel kitchen gadgets and equipment look great – but they’re a magnet for streak and stains too…

Don’t lose the showroom-finish of your appliances and settle for streaky surfaces – we have the cleaning tip you need to make sure your stainless steel is always shining.

In almost every case, that immovable streak you simply can’t budge is caused by something that contains oil.

Fingerprints are a particular hazard with stainless steel. So if you’ve already tried a classic cleaner, and simply aren’t getting the results you want, reach for some baby oil instead.

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You don’t need to overdo it, either. Just pop a little on a clean microfiber cloth, or lint-free tissue, and give the surface a good wipe down. You’ll see the fingerprints lift right away.

When you’re happy with the job, simply buff the surface with another clean cloth. Even better? The residual oil left behind will help ward off other stains for a while, too.