Everyone wants an efficient vacuum, of course. But we’ve also all had to spend precious time sorting through the dust-and-hair in the drum to find the coin, precious object or toy that got sucked up in a moment of inattention…

Banish the hassle forever with this one smart trick

  • Don’t toss your laddered stockings in the bin any more – keep them with the vacuum cleaner instead.
  • Simply slip a ‘sock’ on to the end of the hose when you know you’re vacuuming in areas where objects you want may get sucked up accidentally and block the hose.
  • The dust and dirt will still get pulled up, but larger objects won’t get lost.
  • This is also a great way to find small objects you may have dropped and need to retrieve.

So the next time you drop an earring or contact lens, don’t spend hours on your hands and knees. Simply reach for the vacuum cleaner and you’re sorted.