4.     Get fit

Being physically fit is another crucial component involved in slowing down the ageing clock. A healthy heart is a heart that will continue to function well as you move into your later years, and a good heart is pretty important for quality of life, right?

In order to do this you need to do some cardio-type training a few times per week.

Note: walking is not ‘cardio’, because walking is a normal human activity. You need to really get your heart rate up, breathe heavily, and sweat. That’s when you know you’re in the zone. Try to get about 30 minutes of this type of training, three times per week.


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5.     Relax

Many of us work in high-stress environments, and stress is really bad for the markers of youth. If you’re a person in a stressful job then your life needs to include some ways of regularly dealing with that stress.

It doesn’t matter how you do this – drugs and alcohol aside – but you do need to relax if you hope to remain young and healthy into your later years.

Getting good sleep is step one, and then you need to add some others.


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