Getting older… It’s happening to all of us, all of the time. Sigh…

As we age, our bodies and our internal organs wear down. Although our brains and emotions and our passion for life continue to blossom, our bodies can let us down sometimes.

Who hasn’t felt a twang, or a twinge when bending down to pick up the groceries?

And have you noticed how much more of an effort it is to get up after sitting on the floor (if you can even manage to get down there in the first place!).

I’m not even going to mention the grey hairs, and the overnight appearance of wrinkles!

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But here’s the thing, you can do something about how rapidly this wearing down happens. Here are some sure-fire strategies to help you put ageing on pause for as long as possible.

1.     Get your nutrition right

You need to be feeding your body well. Gone are the days where you could get by on fast food and snacks. You need to be packing in the nutrition as much as possible!

Being ‘old’ is usually associated with events that lead to broken bones, hip replacements, and weakened joints.

Why? Your bones weaken with age if your nutrition isn’t right. Good nutrition happens over years, though, so you need to get your diet right now, so that your body keeps its composition good for as long as possible. Eat a balanced diet, don’t eat junk, and take the right supplements to keep your ‘nutrient-tank’ topped up to the brim.

If you’re feeling tired all the time, then you’re not doing this right.

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