Anele Mdoda has been named as Domestos’ official Sanitation Brand Ambassador, so we thought we’d ask her a few tough questions about her cleaning habits…


1. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is a total slob and 10 is someone whose house is so clean you can literally eat off any surface, how clean are you?

I am a 10. My house is clean because I literally can hear my mom threatening us with the word ‘spruce’. “I want this house spruce,” she used to say. But but but, I must admit that I am messy – the kinda leave-shoes-at-the-door-as-I-enter messy.


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2. What’s your absolute worst thing to clean, and why?

Sweeping outside… I will never get it… IT’S OUTSIDE!!!


3. Are there any cleaning tasks you don’t mind doing, or maybe even enjoy doing?

I love anything that involves hot water. When we were kids our chores were split like this: either you clean the kitchen, you vacuum or you do the bathroom and toilets. I would go for toilets and bathroom… smallest size!!! Think about it.


4. We love Alakhe, and because he’s such an angel, we just KNOW he helps out around the house. Do you have any tips on how to get your kids to do chores without complaining?

Money, data and a death stare 🙂


5. What’s the biggest mess that Alakhe has ever made? (And if you have any pics, that would really help us sympathise with you)

He really was a well-behaved crawler. I would say the biggest mess was losing a fight to a tub of ice cream. Buuuuuuut he spent the next two hours licking himself. WIN!


6. If we visited your house, which room would be the cleanest, and which would be the messiest?

Depends what time you come. 11am, the whole house is clean. 2pm, I have been home for an hour so the whole house is messy. Shame, and my man is so clean.


7. Please give us some advice: if you had a friend with, let’s just say, less than desirable cleaning habits, how would you break it gently to them that they need to up their game (for their visitors’ health and their own!)?

I would not break it gently. I would be always cleaning in their house as I tell her or him how messy their house is.


8. Would you rather: Live in a house that’s always clean, or live in an absolutely filthy house, but be able to phone Beyoncé and chat to her once a year?

I have Beyoncé’s dvds, it’s cool, I will rely on those.


9. No one likes cleaning toilets (and if there’s someone out there who does, we haven’t met them), but it’s something that has to be done. Do you have any hacks to make the task easier?

Well you could have removed your voting mark with Domestos and I do like cleaning toilets… but I’ve handed this question over to the folks at Domestos to answer….

What you need:

Disposable gloves, a toilet brush, your toilet cleaner of choice, some paper towels or other disposable cloths or sponges handy. It is best to use a sponge or towel that you can throw away after use – you don’t want to re-use a sponge from the toilet in another area of the home.

When choosing a toilet cleaner, choose one that:

  • Is easy and quick to apply
  • Is able to clean the toilet bowl thoroughly and removes stains easily
  • Is formulated to help fight germs
  • Is safe enough to be used every day

Step 1: Clean the Outside of the Toilet

Using hot water only, do a first initial clean by wiping off any exterior dirt with a cloth. Spray the outside parts of the toilet, such as the tank and the handle, with toilet cleaner and wipe them clean. Move on to the toilet lid and the outside parts of the bowl. Don’t leave out any bits even if they look clean –not all dirt and germs are visible. Don’t neglect the seat, as this is where people come in contact with the toilet; make sure it’s extra clean!

Step 2: How to Clean the Toilet Bowl

When it comes to cleaning the inside of the bowl, use a special toilet cleaner designed to get your toilet bowl shining while removing stains and mineral deposits. Use a top-down approach and start with the toilet rim. Apply some cleaner to the inside of the rim and scrub with a toilet brush or a cloth. Keep in mind that some toilet cleaners might need to soak for a little while, so read the instructions and see how long you need to leave it before scrubbing the inside of the toilet bowl.


10. Why have you partnered with Domestos as their official Sanitation Brand Ambassador for 2019?

When Lumka Mketwa drowned in a pit toilet it really hit me hard and I just had to do something. I really feel we have failed kids in this country, yet we want them to grow up and be balanced adults. At least give them a chance at life; we had one.


11. We heard you and Domestos started a crowdfunding initiative to raise funds to build toilets in South African schools. How’s that going and how can people get involved?

Last year I partnered with Domestos to help raise awareness of the school sanitation crises for World Toilet Day. We launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to build new toilets in schools. The campaign received donations from corporates and citizens that allowed us to break ground on our first build at Thembalethu Primary School in Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape on 30 April 2019!

Once these toilets are complete, the learners won’t have to suffer the daily indignity and danger of unsafe, unhygienic sanitation at school.

I am also happy to announce that I’ve committed to continue supporting the crowdfunding campaign with the aim of building new toilets in two more schools during 2019. We’re aiming to raise R2.2 Million.

Join me on my unstoppable mission to provide clean, safe toilets for all! This may not seem like a lot, but toilets in two more schools will change the lives of so many learners and give them a chance for a brighter future!