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No make-up make-up might sound like a contradiction, but it’s actually a beauty trend that’s fairly easy to pull off…

The idea behind no make-up make-up is to have glowing, healthy skin and sparkling eyes, letting your natural beauty shine through. Although the no make-up look does require some make-up, it should be minimal, making it perfect if you’re short on time too.

An immaculate base

When pretending to appear like a glowing natural beauty, it’s vital that your skin looks flawless and radiant. I would suggest skipping full or even medium coverage foundation, and applying a light coverage foundation or BB cream paired with a generous dose of concealer.

With the concealer, you should focus on your under-eye area, blemishes and any hyperpigmentation. Allowing freckles and areas of skin to come to the forefront greatly contributes to the natural aspect of the look so only use it where you need it! Use powder only if you’re oily, and then only on your oiliest zones.

Shade and light

If you’re used to wearing a lot of make-up, going without can make you feel a little… flat. To avoid this, create some dimension by accentuating some of your facial contours. I usually go for a couple of swipes under the cheekbone and in the crease of my eyelid. It’s important to opt for a true contouring shade – it should blend out to look like a shadow, and not much like makeup at al.

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Even if you can’t be bothered with contouring, definitely add some highlighter on the tops of your cheeks and blend until it looks like it’s part of your skin.

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Add some colour

The no-makeup look is all about neutrals and nudes, but most of us need a wash of colour to avoid looking ill. A touch of blush brings the look to life. Opt for a shade that looks natural on you, and apply it sparingly to the apples of your cheeks only.


No-make-up make-up calls for immaculate, well-defined eyebrows. Use a tinted eyebrow gel to shape your brows and deepen their colour. I always enhance my eyebrows a little when I go for this look.

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Time to define

You’ve prepped, you’re contoured, you’re highlighted, added a dash of colour and you’ve framed – all you still need is some definition.

If you’ve contoured your lid, you may want to line your lower lashes with taupe eyeshadow and finish off with mascara only.

Another option is to apply a version of taupe eyeshadow that looks almost neutral on your skin to the lower half of your lid, blend outward and upward, and go without mascara.

Nude lips

No-make-up make-up days are the perfect excuse to give your lips a break from long-wearing lipstick formulas and slather them with lip balm or a lip oil instead. They’ll look gorgeously glossy and stay moisturised too!

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