While winter might be a great time when it comes to fashion, it’s a pretty tough time in the beauty world, as your skin and hair take quite a knock…

We’ve heard what your top winter beauty problems are and we’re doing our best to help you combat them… You’re welcome!

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Chapped lips

You’re getting yourself ready for a night out, but when it’s time to apply your go-to lippie, you now suddenly think twice. Your lips are dry and cracked, so do you really want to draw attention to them?

Unfortunately, this is one of those things none of us escape. Yes, there’s the cold and drying air that is the main culprit, but you’re probably also taking in much less fluid than you would during the warmer months, meaning your skin is a bit dehydrated. You’re going to need to up the moisture level, and your usual lip balm might not cut it. Use a formula that’s uber moisturising and slightly thicker so that it forms a layer on your skin. You’ll also want to get a scrub for your lips; or alternatively, when you’re brushing your teeth, gently brush your lips – this will have the same exfoliating effect.

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Frizzy hair

Ah, the classic winter hairstyle: static chic. Remember that your hair suffers in the same way as your skin to the change in temperature, dehydration and overall dryness, so the fact that you’re sporting a fabulously frizzy look is no surprise. If you’re wearing a beanie or hat more often, that also contributes to damaged hair.

But what to do about it? Firstly, if possibly, try washing your hair a little less often that you do in summer to allow the natural oils to protect your locks. Secondly, up your use of a hair mask, and make sure you go for one that focuses on moisture and nourishment. You may also want to consider switching your shampoo and conditioner for products developed for dry hair, and get yourself a wooden brush, and this doesn’t aid in causing static.

Irritated nose

If you’re finding that you’re looking more and more like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer the deeper we get into winter, just remember that you most certainly are not alone. The dry air together with that chill – and let’s not forget about the fact that you’re probably dealing with all sorts of sniffles, and blowing your nose on the regular doesn’t help either.

While using an intense moisturiser on the nose area certainly does help, make-up will be your best friend with this one. A colour corrector (look for a green one to combat red skin) will disguise it surprisingly well, and this, together with your favourite concealer, should do the trick.

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Flakey, itchy and skin

The so-called winter rash is a real concern. Your pores are more clogged due to the dry skin, and that itching is real. As with all the other concerns, moisturising is key. Swap your normal shower gel for an oil-based one, and add oils to your creams or bath. Remember to also exfoliate your entire body at least twice a week.

Dry hands

Our poor hands really take a beating in the colder months, so your hand-cream game needs to be all kinds of strong. Make sure you have a few delightfully moisturising creams, and keep one in your car, one in your handbag, one at your desk, one at your kitchen sink, one in the bathroom and even one at your favourite spot in the lounge – that way, you’re sure to remember to use it!

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