A woman who was terrified by Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video as a child had to seek help from a hypnotherapist

After Poppy Johnson saw the Thriller video at the age of five, her fear of all things Michael Jackson grew until she wasn’t able to hear his name, a song, or even see a photo of him without breaking into a cold sweat.

Although slightly bizarre, Poppy’s fear was diagnosed as a legitimate phobia, just as someone could have a phobia of spiders, or death. Phobias are defined as “an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.”

After the Finding Neverland documentary was aired, Poppy had to avoid all social media as the documentary sparked more conversation and controversy on Michael Jackson than ever before. Eventually, she decided to seek help from a respected hypnotherapist in London, Aaron Surtees.

After just four sessions with Aaron, Poppy says she’s seen a marked improvement in her reaction to Michael Jackson songs and other triggers. She hopes that with a few more sessions, her phobia will be completely cured.

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Watch the interview with Poppy above.