The world of diet and nutrition is all about losing weight, because being “skinny” and lighter on the scale is seen as sexy, and healthy…

But is that REALLY true?

Look, at no point in this article will I claim that being very overweight is okay. It just isn’t. Having too much fat on your body is a problem for almost every part of your wellbeing, from your internal health, to your ability to function normally, to how you feel when you want to go to the beach.

But how thin is too thin? What should you really be aiming for?

Here are some important things to think about.

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If thinner is healthier, then starvation wouldn’t kill you

Being “supermodel skinny” is not particularly healthy (or attractive). If it was, then starvation wouldn’t kill you, unless people who starve die from exceptional health.

Your body NEEDS a certain amount of fat to function optimally. Also, if you’re really skinny, you’re definitely not getting in all the vitamins and minerals from healthy foods that keep you from being susceptible to disease.

As with all things, BALANCE is healthy.


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