Sometimes the best place to shop is someone else’s wardrobe. This week we show you which pieces you can ‘borrow’ from your boyfriend.

We live in a time of gender-neutral fashion. Everybody can and should be wearing each other’s clothes.

There are perks to having a stylish boyfriend. First of all, he looks good and secondly you can wear his clothes. Men’s clothes are comfy, always have endless pockets and they can be super stylish. Being able to borrow clothes from your boyfriend (or even your brother) opens up a whole lot of options for you to wear.

Here are some of the men’s items that will look fantastic on you:

Robin Hoodie

Celebs like Ariana Grande love oversized hoodies and we understand why. Hoodies are comfy, warm and go well with sexy thigh-high boots. Men always seem to have an endless supply of hoodies, so we don’t think he’ll miss one.

Put a cap on it

Another thing men seem to have an endless supply of are caps. Stars like Rihanna love to finish off an outfit by throwing back to the 90’s with a sports-themed cap.

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Sizzling sunnies

Sunglasses are always a cool accessory, but men’s sunglasses a style essential. Those Miami Vice aviators he wears all the time? They’d look even better on you.

Watch yourself

Men love watches and their watches are usually quite glamorous. Pair a whole bunch of bangles with his watch and you have a new head turning accessory. A man’s watch might look quite bulky on you, but sometimes a bulky piece is just what you need to accessorise an otherwise understated outfit.

Mad for plaid

This is the must-have print from your boyfriend’s wardrobe. A plaid shirt never goes out of style. Wear it over a vest, around your waist or as a belted dress with boots.


Why buy a “boyfriend blazer” when you could just wear your actual boyfriend’s blazer? Oversized blazers make any look chic and fashionable. Throw his blazer over literally any outfit and you’re good to go.

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