Here’s exactly how to eat as much delicious food as possible without ruining your holiday…

Recently, I was given the incredible opportunity to stay at the revamped Club Med La Pointe Aux Cannoniers resort in Mauritius. Because I am a planner, the first thing I do before I go on holiday is to Google absolutely everything about where I’m going – from historical weather charts to advice on what gifts to bring back and specific room reviews. But the most important thing on my list of things to thoroughly investigate is: what is the food going to be like?

So naturally, when I found out about my imminent trip to one of the Club Med resorts in Mauritius, I started asking Google things like: “What is the food like at La Pointe Aux Cannoniers” and even “Meal times at La Pointe Aux Cannoniers”. Now, before you judge me, I wanted to know about meal times because I was travelling with my six-year-old and I wasn’t sure if I needed to pack extra snacks along in case she got hungry between meals. Google was surprisingly thin on useful results, and the few food-related reviews I read on Trip Advisor were mixed. So I set my expectations to average, packed some emergency snacks just in case and left on the trip of a lifetime without feeling adequately prepared.

Little did I know that the food would end up being so delicious and varied that my problem wasn’t not having enough, but rather, not having enough time or stomach space to eat it all!

And that’s why I’ve written this guide to navigating meal-time at Club Med – so that anyone else out there who’s Googling “How delicious is the food at Club Med” will get answers. So here’s what you need to know to so you can experience as many tasty dishes as possible (without spending half of your holiday in a food coma).

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1. There is food available almost all of the time

I’m quite confident that no one has ever gone hungry at Club Med La Pointe Aux Cannioniers. Breakfast starts at 7am for the early risers, and continues until around 11am if you’re sleeping in. Before lunch, snacks are served at the beachside restaurant, and then lunch goes on until 4pm. But don’t worry, if you can’t bear the thought of having to wait until 7pm to eat dinner, a selection of appetisers appears as if by magic at 6pm.

2. Be prepared for variety

Whether you are having breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will probably have more than 20 things to choose from.

At breakfast, there’s a selection of fresh fruit, breads and pastries, a crepe and French toast bar (I recommend Nutella as a topping), cheeses and cold meats, dried fruit and nuts to top yoghurt, cereals, cooked oats, every kind of egg, bacon and sausages, omelettes with loads of fillings and a DIY toasted sandwich station!

A small selection of the breakfast options on offer

If you can believe it, there are even more options for lunch and dinner. Expect a salad bar, steak, fish, pizza, burgers and a dessert bar as standard. Then there are fine dining, homemade pasta, Asian food, Mauritian dishes and even healthy meals that change every day – so you never need to worry about eating the same thing twice.

3. Take your time

Do not make the mistake of rushing the decision of what you want to eat. You don’t want to waste precious stomach space.

I recommend first taking a leisurely stroll around the food area, making sure you take note of what delicious food combos other guests are dishing up, and asking the chefs at the various stations any questions you may have. Then, once you’ve sussed everything out, make your choice.

4. Keep your portions small

As soon as I realised how delicious the food was, my aim was to eat as many different things as possible. The only way to do this is to take a little bit of the things you want. It helps if you have someone to share with – that way you can taste twice as much!

5. Always leave room for dessert

Just thinking about the dessert options at Club Med La Pointe Aux Cannioniers makes me tear up a little. From the ice-cream bar and the fabulous pastries to the individual puddings and range of fancy biscuits, everything was incredible. Every night there are different desserts on offer, and it is my greatest regret that I just didn’t have the space to try every one.

The dessert pastry spread on day 4 of our visit

6. Don’t be afraid to miss a meal

Sometimes there will be too many irresistible options to choose from, and you will forget all about point 3. If come lunchtime you’re not very hungry, don’t feel like you absolutely have to have a meal. It’s not worth eating too much if you’re not going to be able to enjoy your gorgeous surroundings afterwards.

Once during my visit, I had ice cream for lunch (#noregrets) and another time I chose to just have a selection of (delectable) dips, olives, cheese and bread. That way I was extra hungry come dinnertime and I didn’t waste precious island time feeling too full to move.

Snack time – with a view!

7. Find your favourite cocktails

Please don’t forget about the drinks that are also included in the price of your stay! If you don’t have AT LEAST two cocktails a day, are you even in Mauritius?

8. Try new things

One of the best things about the food at Club Med La Point Aux Cannoniers was getting to eat new food. Even my six-year-old managed to put her food biases aside and tasted dishes she’s always avoided and ones she’d never even seen before. She discovered a taste for foie gras, and confirmed that she’ll continue to pass on the oysters.

A selection of fresh seafood, including sea urchin

9. Stay active

Making sure you burn some calories every day is vital. Think about it this way: the more you exercise, the hungrier you’ll be and the more dishes you’ll be able to sample. The best part about the workout options at Club Med is that they’re all incredibly fun anyway. Who would say no to a sunset kayak in paradise, snorkelling along the reef or going for a picturesque walk along the beach (to name a few options)? No one, that’s who!

Lily and I stayed at Club Med La Pointe Aux Cannoniers for seven nights courtesy of Club Med.

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