With their great looks and amazing jobs, one would think that finding love comes easy for celebrities

But many stars have checked into Heartbreak Hotel and things usually get messy.

From public spats to ugly accusations, the end of a relationship in Celebville is never easy.

Despite having their hearts broken, these celebrities didn’t give up on finding their other half.

Here’s a look at five stars who found love after ugly break-ups

Lalla Hirayama

Lalla Hirayama and her ex-boyfriend Chris Nkosi were the definition of couple goals. Not only were they inseparable, but they also had a joint Instagram account – where they posted cute pictures together.

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Their break-up in 2015 shocked their fans and things turned ugly fast. Lalla hinted that Chris cheated but nothing was ever confirmed. She did, however, reveal that Chris took ownership of their joint Instagram and refused to give her access.

“He took it. He wasn’t interested. I was like ‘that’s the Instagram page that we share, I feel like maybe that should be mine. He was like ‘no, over my dead body’,” she told Cliff Central’s Arye Kellman in 2016.

Lalla has since found love in the arms of model Kent Blake Anderson. The couple recently celebrated their two-year anniversary together. “Sometimes I have to pinch myself. How’d a ninja get so lucky? Dang. Man crush EVERY DAMN DAY!!!” Lalla wrote on Instagram.

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Pearl Modiadie

Pearl Modiadie and her ex-fiancé Nkululeko Buthelezi called off their engagement for a second time in 2018.

“I think it got to a point where it didn’t feel the way it was supposed to. It didn’t feel the way we knew it was supposed to. You know what love feels like. When it stops feeling like it and that small voice is talking. It was time to listen and walk,” she said during a 2018 interview on Trending Talk. Pearl revealed in late 2018 that she is in a new relationship but is keeping her man’s identity a secret. The pair have already gone on holiday together. Pearl is madly in love and has encouraged her followers not to give up on love.

“There are definitely good men out there! Stop settling because you think you can’t do better / that they’re all the same. They’re not! You’ll find a piece of the puzzle that perfectly matches yours,” she tweeted in January.


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