The elections may be over but Helen Zille is still making headlines

The DA leader’s Twitter account is back in firm focus after she squared off with actor Hlomla Dandala on the topic of black and white privilege.

Helen is a political force in the real world and on social media but her recent comments in response to a video about white privilege seemed to cross a line for many commentators.

Mam’Helen replied to a video on Twitter of Kyla Jenee Lacey’s famous poem slamming the role of white privilege in America (literally and figuratively, slam poetry)

The passionate spoken-word performer criticises white people’s reluctance to learn “black” languages while also detailing the disadvantages faced by minorities today as a result of historic oppression.

Instead of tackling the points that Kyla made in her viral poem (the video has been viewed over two million times on Twitter alone), Helen asked aloud, “Why is she saying this stuff in English?”

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Many felt as if Helen’s comment was insensitive to the genuine gripes expressed in the video, one of whom was actor Hlomla Dandala.

Hlomla, who rose to fame with roles on local soapies such as Isidingo, has been fairly political of late and couldn’t let Helen’s comments slide without replying.

Hlomla’s fight took him further into the comments section but when he accused a fellow tweep of not knowing or understanding white privilege, Helen hit back by asserting that he didn’t understand black privilege.

Although she left it at that, Hlomla continued to engage some of her supporters before deciding to let it all go once and for all.

Who do you think won this mini-Twar (Twitter war) between Hlomla and Helen?