Freezing an extra loaf is a fantastic way to make sure you never run out of bread at an inopportune moment. Defrosting it back to its perfect pre-freezer softness can be a little tricky, however…

But not if you have this simple hack in your arsenal

Before you throw your loaf in the freezer, separate each slice (or at least a few sections) with some roller towel sheets.

Pop everything back in the back and freeze. This way, as you defrost it later, the paper towel will soak up any excess moisture, ensuring the loaf defrosts evenly and without becoming too soggy to enjoy.

If you prefer not to use paper towels, you can do the same with a soft cotton or muslin cloth. We suggest keeping some aside especially for the task if you’d rather go the eco-friendly route, so you know the cloth hasn’t been exposed to anything else around the kitchen.

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