Ex-Generations actress Asanda Foji has taken to YouTube with some of the most provocative content for some time and now she’s tackling one of Mzansi’s most contentious issues: side chicks

South Africans have an interesting relationship with the topic of cheating, what with the number of jokes and popular phrases about “side chicks” and “side dudes” that do the rounds on social media. And now Asanda, who is currently based in Amsterdam, has decided to take all the humour out of it and have a serious conversation about infidelity, but with a twist.

Could cheating actually help a relationship?

For many people the immediate answer is “No!” probably preceded by a swear word of their choice. But Asanda isn’t the first person to suggest that stepping out on your partner can somehow keep you together for longer. It’s long been suggested that “side chicks strengthen marriages” and the actor-come-presenter decided to see just how many people felt this way.

Her first video on her brand new ‘Life Tab’ on YouTube posed the question, “Do side chicks make or break relationships?”

The new YouTuber added her own two cents’ to the matter, saying, “I personally think they do [break], especially when the side-chick starts jumping up and down and not knowing her place.”

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However, her opinion on the matter was not enough, so Asanda decided to ask other people for their opinion.

For what it’s worth, the majority of viewers commenting on her video completely disagreed with the notion that cheating benefits a relationship in any way. One of the comments which best summed it up was: “Side chicks shouldn’t have a place in someone’s relationship to begin with”.

Despite this constructive conversation, we’re certain that people will still joke about cheating and side dishes on social media for some time yet.