Building a bigger kitchen may not be possible, but sorting out the space makes a huge difference. Here are some tips for organising a kitchen…

In the following video, organisational expert Cassandra Mallett-Aarssen, author of The Clutter Connection: How Your Personality Type Determines Why You Organize the Way You Do, shows us how to transform a hot-mess kitchen into a calm and clutter-free space.

Watch the video

The take-home tips

  • Find the most valuable spaces in your kitchen and organise things that you use often in areas that make them the easiest to access.
  • Get rid of things you aren’t using to free up valuable space.
  • Don’t be scared to rearrange a kitchen to make it function better.
  • Reduce visual clutter – like all those notes, photos and magnets on a fridge front – to make a kitchen appear instantly tidier.



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