Bonang Matheba is loved by most but she has her fair share of enemies too

If you believe the chatter on the timeline right now, then influencer Mihlali Ndamese might be the latest name on Bonang’s “beefing” list.

If ‘Beefing with Bonang’ was a reality show (a spinoff of ‘Blocked By Bonang’), then Mihlali would be the show’s latest guest.

Mihlali is arguably the biggest social media influencer in the country right now but even her impressive conversion numbers couldn’t win Queen B over this week.

Their alleged rivalry began when Mihlali went through some distress of her own. Her much-publicised fight with FlySafair has dominated headlines this week after the beauty and lifestyle vlogger accused the airline of racist treatment.

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She said on Instagram as part of an angry rant, “My friends and I were called animals by these people on @flysafairza because we were being “loud” on the flight… I can’t believe we have to deal with such treatment in 2019 for being black, I’m so disappointed.”

The reaction to Mihlali’s racist allegations was mixed, with many sympathising with the influencer while several others felt as if there was more to the story. Some have even suggested that Mihlali may have been intoxicated when she boarded the flight, which would explain any alleged “loudness” (although that still wouldn’t justify racial slurs).

One person who happened to be on the same flight as Mihlali on that fateful day is presenter Bonang

According to rumours in the Twitter grapevine  (although we’re taking this with a pinch of salt because QueenB only flies business, darling), Bonang even has footage of Mihlali acting in a disorderly manner before the alleged racial incident took place. One particular user claims that Mihlali is unhappy about this…

Although neither Bonang nor Mihlali have further confirmed that there is beef between them, the Public Figure star did issue a cryptic warning on her Twitter page when she suggested that she was fed up.

Some people believe the tweet was about Mihlali:

Do you think that Bonang and Mihlali could be beefing or is black Twitter trying to instigate more drama?