When you mention neckerchiefs, one instantly thinks about scouts and cowboys…

Well, neckerchiefs have become so popular that they have become a trend on their own. They now come in a wide variety of fabulous designs and colours that makes them super stylish.

Check out these six gorgeous ways to rock the neckerchief and be a trendsetter.


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1. On your head

Your hair is your crown, so accessorise it with beautiful looking neckerchiefs. You can choose to tie your neckerchief around the band of your ponytail for an on-point look. Another option is to wear the neckerchief as a headband for a very cute look.

Polka dot scarf from Cotton On: R119
Printed scarf from Cotton On: R119


2. The classic way

The classic way is one of the most popular, and easiest, ways to wear a neckerchief. This way, you just fold the neckerchief into a triangle and then tie it around your neck with a square knot. The square knot can be positioned in the middle or on the side, whichever you prefer.

Snake print scarf from Mango: R249

3. On the handbag

Add pizzazz to your bag by adding a neckerchief to your handbag. Just simply tie it on the strap of your handbag for an interesting look. There are also handbags that come with neckerchiefs already on the bag like this pretty pink tote bag.

Pink tote bag from Zando: R349


4. All wrapped up

Be wonderful in the wrapped style of the neckerchief. To create this look just create a triangle then fold the neckerchief until it looks like a long worm then tie it around your neck twice, with the square knot on the front or the side.

Snake print scarf from Mango: R249

5. Cool cowboy

Be cool like a cowboy with this cowboy way of wearing the neckerchief. This is one of the trendiest ways to wear a neckerchief. Fold the scarf into a triangle and tie the ends around the neck into a square knot. Pull the triangular part to the front and you are done.

Printed scarf from Mango: R249

6. On the wrist

Another incredible way to wear the neckerchief is on the wrist. This way of wearing the neckerchief is for true fashionista that always want to make a statement. All you have to do is make the neckerchief into a triangle and fold it into a worm. Wrap it around the wrist a couple of times and tie the knot on top of the wrist.

Border Paisley Satin Scarf R199 from Woolworths

Bonus printed neckerchiefs!

Get these magical printed neckerchiefs from R99 to make any outfit pop.

Pleated neckerchief with print from Zara: R189
Leopard print neckerchief from Zando: R99
Geo print neckerchief from Zando: R99
Green neckerchief from Zando: R99



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