Soap scum can fast become the bane of any house-proud person’s bathroom, especially if you use borehole water or happen to be in a hard water area

If you’ve tried all our previous scum-removal tricks without luck, it’s time to bring out the heavy-duty weaponry…

Buy yourself a plastic ‘putty’ knife from your local hardware store. It’s best to buy one specifically for this task, as you don’t want previous grit, dents and scratches to affect your tiles. For the same reason, opt for plastic rather than metal.

If you need to tackle scum build-up on glass shower doors, you can buy an ‘ice scraper’ or a thin razor blade, too. Just make sure only adults can access it! Use these tools to scrape off the fine, hard build-up of scum.

Finish off with a good scrub using liquid dish soap and hot water, and rinse well.

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To beat the problem in future, try and opt for liquid-type body washes, soaps and hand soaps. These will not contribute to the same scum problem, and will leave your tiles as glittering as you just made them.