Sugar – the kind that’s added to enhance flavours in food – is one of the main nutritional reasons that people are overweight today…

In general, we are eating FAR too many processed and refined foods, and far too few natural ones. The majority of processed foods are made ‘on the cheap’ and therefore have ingredients that lack in nutrition, and also include sugars to make them taste good.

Together with processed ‘foods’ and meals, many of our favourite snacks and drinks are high in sugar, too.

Here are some tips to help you cut the sugars from your diet and lose weight faster and more effectively than before.

The obvious one first

Don’t eat sweets and sweet baked goods. I mean, you know there’s added sugar in those, right? If you’re serious about losing weight then they have to go. It’s easy, just don’t eat them. If someone offers, say “No thanks”. You don’t have to explain yourself. If you’re craving something sweet, have a banana or an apple.

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