The move towards the more natural, organic way of life is not slowing down, and there’s plenty of reason for that – especially in the beauty world…

Be sure to make sure you look for these natural beauty ingredients; your skin and hair will thank you!

Coconut oil

No list of natural beauty ingredients would be complete without the powerhouse that is coconut oil. This fabulous product not only works well on its own, but combined with numerous other ingredients, it becomes even more versatile that you’d thought.

Coconut oil can be used as a nourishing hair mask, an exfoliator, a sun protection barrier, a moisturiser, a tooth whitener, and so much more. And because of its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, it is a wonderful healing and preventative product – for the inside and outside of your entire body. If you’re going to buy only one thing on this list, coconut oil has to be the one.

Check out Faithful-to-Nature’s range of coconut oil here.

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Witch hazel

Don’t let the haunting name of this one put you off: witch hazel is a fabulous addition to just about any beauty ingredient. Not only can it help reduce inflammation, for anything from bites to razor burn, this plant extract makes a great toner – especially if your skin is on the oilier side. It can also help get rid of those pesky spots (yay!), but you’ll need to test it on your skin first to make sure you don’t react negatively to this one.

We love Faithful-to-Nature’s range of beauty products containing witch hazel.

Jojoba oil

If you’re starting to lose more hair than you care to admit, jojoba oil could be the natural ingredient you didn’t know you needed. The oil boosts and stimulates hair growth while unclogging the follicles, making it ideal for adding to your beauty regime should hair loss be your concern.

It’s also fantastically moisturising, so if dry skin and the issues related to dry skin – like ageing, acne, psoriasis and dermatitis – is an issue for you, jojoba oil will certainly be your new best friend.

Try Crede Jojoba Oil for R108.

Aloe Vera

There’s a reason this stuff in an ingredient in so many beauty products. Few ingredients are nearly as soothing as Aloe Vera, which is why you’ll find it in just about every good after sun, as well as creams that help sooth bites, redness and inflammation. In addition to this, it is a great moisturiser, and when combined with the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties it possesses, your skin will thank you for using this gem.

We love the Natraloe range of products – they sell everything from eye cream to baby powder, all enriched with the power of aloe.


This is another one that’s been used in the beauty world for years, but has recently gained in popularity. If you’re after something to help fight ageing, rosehip oil should be at the top of your list as, due to its high levels of vitamins A and C, it’s a great alternative to retinol and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. It can also help with pigmentation (yay!) and soothe sunburn.

Try Rosehip Farm Rosehip Oil for R169

Raw honey

It’s an antiseptic, it’s moisturising, it can help with rashes and wounds and reduce the appearance of scars, it helps with burns, it can reduce breakouts and it can even help with dandruff and psoriasis. Yes, raw honey (it needs to be the good raw version) is the ultimate (and most delicious!) natural beauty ingredient, so be sure to always have this one in your pantry!

Simply Bee Raw Honey comes from Cape Town and is delicious

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