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Teaching your children about giving to others who are more needy than they are, is important to show them that making a difference is one of the most important reasons we are on this planet.

If you are donating to a non-profit organisation, you can involve your friends and family in the donations to make it a fun and exciting learning experience.

A creative way to donate is to use your birthday to donate to charity instead of asking for gifts. This will show your children that they can be creative when it comes to making charitable contributions to organisations rather than simply sending money off.

So, if you would like to teach your children about helping others, keep reading below for some creative ways to donate to charity as a family.

Start raising funds at home

Trying to raise money to donate to a nonprofit organisation can be tricky, but if you start at home then you can amass a decent amount to send to your chosen charity. For example, you can set up a jar on your kitchen counter for all the loose change your children can find after cleaning the house.

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Or, you could create a competition between your family as to who can save the most each month after using their pocket money in order to donate to charity, allowing the winner to choose the charity that the money is given to. This will make it a fun and exciting experience for everyone involved. If you start to raise money at home, your children can pass on these lessons to their friends too and encourage them to donate to charity.

Use your birthday to donate to charity

A truly unique way that you and your family can donate to a charity is to “donate” your birthday to charity. What this means is that you will pledge your birthday to a charity either by donating money and goods yourself or by asking people to donate money to a cause rather than buying you a present.

Now, your children might not enjoy this idea as much as you do, but it is a creative way to donate to a charity that allows them to learn that thinking about others is important, especially during a time when others might not have as much as they do. You do not have to solely donate money, you could ask people to bring in blankets, toys, and pet food for a favourite local animal shelter or clothes and food for a children’s home.

Craft for charity

If you and your children enjoy crafting and creating things, you can put this to good use and donate these items to charity, either for them to sell or use as they please. For example, you could work on knitting a cosy blanket or two for an animal shelter to use in winter, or you could re-purpose some old clothing and create a T-shirt quilt that a children’s home could use during chilly evenings.

If your children have hobbies they are particularly good at, such as photography, they could offer a charity their expertise for free for their social media pages, in order to bring awareness for their cause. This could include taking photographs of an event for them to use on Facebook and Twitter or helping them create a campaign that encourages donations and builds awareness. Including the whole family in crafts for charity will build relationships and make memories.

Donate during the holiday season

The festive season might be a long time coming, but there are other holidays throughout the year which you can use for charitable giving. For example, during the winter holidays, you and your children can spend time volunteering at a cause close to your heart or working on your fundraising efforts.

You might find it easier to donate when you are on holiday or on leave, as you will be able to fully focus on this rather than having to stress about work at the same time. And your children will have more free time in order to volunteer, giving them something to do over the long winter holidays. They will also feel more content  knowing that they have done something worthwhile with their time rather than simply being bored every day.

Keep it up

Donating once to charity is a fantastic thing to do, but often charities and nonprofit organisations need funds and supplies throughout the year in order to maintain their operations. This means that you should aim to donate more than once, and if you can, do so over the course of the year in order to offer sustainable and steady support  for your chosen cause. Start by raising funds at home and look into using your birthday or a loved one’s birthday to donate to charity. Soon you will find your whole family enjoying charitable giving together.

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