There’s no doubt composting is in. Here are three surprising things you may not know you can add to your compost heap to help it along…

1) Hair and nail clippings

Ugh, right? While it sounds a little gross, pet and human hair can be a valuable ‘brown’ addition to your compost heap, providing a source of nitrogen as they decompose.

2) Paper products and eco-friendly packaging

You didn’t used to be able to add newspaper to your compost heap due to the ink used, but that has changed in recent years. Likewise, many unbleached paper products can also be used to add aerating fibre and cellulose to the mix.

If you happen to have an abundance of ‘eco-friendly’ packaging like cornstarch-based styrofoam, add it to the pile too.

3) Freezer-burned veggies

It may be too gross to eat, but it’s still packed with organic nutrients your compost bin will love you for. Throw it in!

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While you may not immediately think of these sorts of products when you think of ‘compost’, there’s actually a ton of typical household waste you can add to the bin. Why not get started today? Your garden will thank you for it in spring.