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Here are several ways in which you can keep a salad healthy. Consider giving some of them a try, if you want to keep calories down.

Opt for low calorie ingredients

Most vegetables are low in calories thus giving you ample flexibility when choosing healthy salad ingredients. Cucumbers, lettuce, carrots and tomatoes are some of the most common ingredients that are added to salads. They all add a unique colour, texture and flavour to any salad, not forgetting the valuable nutrients that they contain.

When choosing to add other ingredients to your salad, opt for the low calorie version instead of the higher calorie alternatives. For example, if you would like to add cheese to your salad, compare the food labels of the cheeses that you are considering and perhaps opt for one that is lower in calories than the others.

Skip ingredients that add more calories

Sometimes, it may be worth your while to skip ingredients that add way more calories to your healthy salad than you intended. Ingredients that may be high in fat can include some cheeses, croutons, bacon and or other meats. Skipping these ingredients altogether will help keep the salad low in calories.

Keep salad dressing on the side item

Salad dressings, especially the creamy ones, can be offered as a side item to a salad. In this way, you will have complete control as to how much you add to your salad, that is, if you choose to have any at all! Keep your calorie count down by dipping your salad into your portion of the dressing as opposed to pouring the dressing all over the salad.

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