In the quest to stay healthier, many of us have opted for reusable water bottles while at our desks and the gym.

While these cut down on plastic waste and help keep us healthier, do you remember to clean them as often as you should?

It’s easy to think this is one chore you can skip. After all, you’ve just had water in there, right? A simple rinse should be enough?

Bacteria and germs thrive in a moist environment

Not quite! Bacteria and germs thrive in a moist environment… and what’s better than a water bottle for ‘moist’? It’s easy for germs to be introduced into your bottle, too, especially if you have a habit of leaving the cap off as you drink.

Now add to that the fact your mouth – not always the least germy thing around – regularly touches the cap and nozzle, and you have a bacteria breeding haven. Food particles from your lunch can even wash into the bottle! Gross!

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Fortunately, the solution is pretty simple. Make sure you are tossing your reusable bottle in the dishwasher for a hot, soapy clean-out at least once a week, and you can kiss all these worries goodbye.