Winter’s a harsh season for the garden. Not only does the cold discourage growth and colour, but you’ll also see a marked drop in native wildlife at this time too…

It’s hard for birds to find adequate food and water sources in winter, and shelters are scarce. Encourage a little more life in your garden this season, and reap the rewards.

The best news? All it can take is being a little less neat in your garden! Simply leaving a small pile of leaves as nesting material, or not deadheading all your plants, will encourage our winter birdlife to call your garden home this winter.

Make your garden even more attractive, and invest in a bird feeder or two. If you’re not keen on the random sproutings feeding seed can lead to, then simply opt for suet balls instead.

These are packed with healthy nutrition for the birds but won’t leave detritus that could impair your efforts in spring either.

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A garden with a few flowing water sources, access to food, and bedding to help warm up their nests will soon be bustling with birdlife again despite the cold season.