Serisha, our fashion expert, has been writing about fashion for years! Here are her must-know tips to make this winter your most stylish yet. They’re simple but definitely effective…

If you’re looking to make this season your most chic, then you definitely need to read my essential tips to create a fabulous winter look. Find out more now!

Keep your layers crisp

Layering is essential in winter, but getting it right isn’t easy. The trick is to stick to thinner layers, but add at least three of them. Your best bet is to opt for a close-fitting base layer to avoid adding bulk to your look. For example, add a camisole and thick winter tights to keep your legs and torso warm then wear the rest of your outfit over this.

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Colourful accessories to brighten up your day

Since the basic winter colour palette is usually neutral – boasting an array of greys and browns – you definitely can’t go wrong by using a brightly coloured accessory or two to liven up your look. The look works with everything from gloves and hats to scarves and boots!

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Try different textures

Winter fashion features a host of textures, from corduroy and suede to knits and leather. Because layering is the order of the day, you can take your look to new heights by adding in items already in your closet among the layers. For example, wear a lace blouse over your thermals for a look that’s warm, but texturally diverse.

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Define your waist

Winter doesn’t have to be bulky and frumpy! Consider belting your coats and jackets for a figure-flattering look that’s uber chic. You can also opt for gilets and waistcoats to define your waistline and highlight your curves.

Let your boots and coat do the talking

If there are two essentials to the perfect winter look, it’s your boots and your coat. Thus, choosing carefully is a must.