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You know how dry shampoo is a lifesaver in a can for busy girls who don’t have time to wash and style their hair every day? Well now there’s Day2 – a brand new product to revive once-worn clothes!

  • Do you have children or a partner who wears an item of clothing for five minutes and then tosses it in the washing basket (or onto the floor)?
  • Are you tired of loading the washing machine EVERY day with clothes that are creased but not dirty?
  • Is half your electricity and water bill made up of washing and tumble-drying costs?

Day2 to the rescue!

Day2 is a revolutionary new spray that takes clothes from just-worn to just-washed in minutes, by lifting creases, removing odours and leaving your clothes with a just-washed fresh scent.

In my house, overflowing laundry baskets are out of control, threatening to ambush and trip me up on my way to the loo at night. My husband wears a pair of jeans for two hours and they go into the wash. My teenage daughter tries on clothes before a party and they end up on the floor in a pile – creased and crumpled, but unworn.

And then there’s the ‘chairdrobe’ – that infamous halfway-house in the bedroom for not-quite dirty clothes – which nearly all of us will admit to having.

This common household struggle led to the creation of Day2, the world’s first dry-wash spray for clothes, just launched in South Africa

When I was offered a couple of cans of Day2 (denim and original) to try at home, I was keen to arm myself with a weapon to fight the mountain of washing on the kitchen floor that threatens to drown me every washday (which is pretty much EVERY day in my house).

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Determined to win the war on the washing pile, I decided to keep my cans of Day2 a secret – to see if anyone noticed that their clothes hadn’t been washed in the machine and ironed by my weekly helper.

Last night, when I realised that I’d run out of washing powder, and there was no clean school shirt in the cupboard, I rummaged through my teen’s personal washing mountain and unearthed a worn white shirt.

Time to test Day 2

  • First spread the clothing item onto a flat bedding surface
  • Hold the can a few centimetres away and spray evenly over the surface of the item
  • Hand-smooth any creases
  • Hang up for five minutes, and it’s ready to wear – good for another day and smelling freshly washed too!


How Day 2 works – and how it makes your life easier:

This ‘miracle in a can’ will revive your clothes – and save you washing and ironing time

Lethepu Matshaba, Unileaver Homecare Vice President, says that Day2, a fine mist that instantly revives and irons any outfit when sprayed, works in a similar way to dry shampoo. “But instead of restoring your locks, it revives recently worn clothes from just-worn to looking, feeling and smelling just-washed and pressed, allowing users to refresh their garments in between washes.”

Great for gym-goers, travellers and moms of teens who wear clothes for only five minutes

“This makes Day2 the perfect solution for gym-goers who want to ensure their post-workout ensemble is fresh to wear, for frequent travellers who are looking for a crease-free holiday look, and for fashionistas with a wardrobe full of tricky-to-clean items such as cashmere or embellished pieces,” Matshaba says.

The groundbreaking product is designed to breathe new life into clothes, giving people the confidence to extend their wear for an extra day.

Every bottle helps save 60 litres of water (a full wash load)…

…so it helps save time, money, water and energy. The bottles are powered by air, meaning they are also carbon neutral when sprayed.

Lifts creases AND odours in 15 minutes

Simply lay your chosen item of clothing on a flat surface, spray it lightly, smooth out the fabric and leave the piece to hang. Within 15 minutes the garment will be softer, smell fresher and as if by magic it will appear as though freshly ironed.

It is perfect for eliminating creases from a T-shirt that has become crumpled in your suitcase while travelling, for refreshing a tired shirt that has lost its crispness, or for saving you time and money on that trip to the dry cleaners for your delicates.

Day2 is available in a 200ml original version, suitable for most fabric types and designed to be stored in the bedroom. The original spray also comes in a 75ml travel-sized version, perfect for weekend mini-breaks or for your gym bag.

A specialist denim variant protects jean fibres from wear and tear and helps slow down the fading process, whilst a delicate spray removes the build-up of clothing smells without causing any damage to fine fabrics, knits, embellished clothing and cashmeres.

Prices and stockists

The full range is available now at R99,99 for the 200ml version and R69,99 for the 75ml travel spray, and can be found at select Woolworths (in store and online) and Dis-Chem stores nationwide.


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