Babes Wodumo has hit back to criticism against her decision to go back to her alleged abuser Mampintsha by telling social media users to mind their own business

Many of us were left scratching our heads in confusion when Mampintsha released his new music video. We couldn’t quite believe what we were reading when the former Big Nuz star claimed that his video for Khona Ingane Lay’indlini starred his troubled ex.

The West Ink boss took to Twitter and said, “Surprise Surprise… Khona iy’ngane kayndlini is finally out & guess who’s on the track? The one n only GQOM QUEEN Babes Wodumo!”

This announcement, confirming that Babes was starring in a music video with a man who was seen hitting her live on Instagram, stirred up a lot of emotions in South Africa. Many people felt betrayed by the singer, claiming that she had made light of the support that the country had offered her when we felt as if her life was in danger.

The fact that the song title includes a phrase that was mentioned in that now-infamous Instagram video has further angered her supporters, with many wondering if this was a publicity stunt all along

Her most loyal (and most concerned) fans have given the singer a piece of their mind, with one Instagram follower taking Babes to task.

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The passionate fan said to her, “In a country and world with such a high rate of gender-based violence, you are using your platform as a disservice to all the young women and elder victims of abuse.

“As a public figure, you have the responsibility as a role model. You are doing no justice to the calls you sent out earlier this year – calls many responded to and were triggered by. What you have done is confusing and mocks many people who supported you as a survivor of abuse,”

One might have hoped for a measured response from Babes Wodumo, a reply that might have helped us understand her state of mind right now. Instead what we got was a proverbial middle finger when the gqom queen decided to hit back to this comment specifically.

She replied venoumsly, “Ey sis naka izindaba zakho… uphume ezindabeni zabant ababili…” (Hey sister, mind your own business and stay out of matters involving two people).

As it turns out, many fans have already taken Babes’s advice and decided that, after the exhausting events of the last few months, it’s time for us to all mind our own business.

This Metro FM poll couldn’t have summed it up better:

Despite Babes’ insistence that we need to mind our own business, are you still concerned for her wellbeing?