The days are definitely getting colder, but that gorgeous summer dress you bought a few months ago is still the only thing you want to wear and your denim shorts are still your go-to pants for the weekend. Sound familiar?

Luckily for you, our winters are relatively short, but if you can’t imagine the next three months without your wardrobe favourites, you’re going to need some tricks to turn your summer wardrobe into a warm winter outfit.

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Winter shorts

Tights are winters greatest gift. They’re like the magical something that can turn any pair of shorts, short skirts, dresses or fashionably ripped jeans into a warm winter outfit.

Opaque tights or even warm leggings make an especially great team with shorts because not only do they bring your summer shorts with you into winter, but they also evoke the very fashionable ’90s trends.

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Wear your summer dress as a top layer

Your favourite summer dress could make a perfect winter pullover. Worn over tights or leggings and a warm jersey, a summer dress can make a bright and stunning top layer. This works well with short or midi dresses that aren’t too tight.

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Bring your summer skirts into winter

Flowing full-length skirts made a major comeback this past summer, and if you’re still in love with the look there is no need to leave your faves in the past.

Long skirts with tights and boots don’t have to look drab. The right kind of boots can add a whole new dimension to your cowgirl look.

Layering stays on trend every winter

Layering is the best fashion tip to take heed of every single winter. Wearing your not-so-fashionable clothing underneath your favourites gives you all the warmth of the granny sweater no one should ever own and all the style of your not-so-warm but super chic pullover.

Sandals in winter?

Sandals and socks are a thing. Not for everyone, but for the brave it could work. Being fashion forward and trendy sometimes means crossing boundaries and challenging fashion faux pas.

Are you brave enough to pull off the socks and sandals look?

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