Simple, cost-effective ways to keep your home warm this winter are exactly what we all need.

Keeping your home warm through winter is no small task. Between the high costs of electricity and the sometimes unreliable electricity supply, keeping your home warm this winter may turn out to be difficult and expensive.

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Carpet your floors, even if it’s just temporary

Not everyone likes wall to wall carpets, but they sure do make a difference in winter. Soft woolly carpets are like a jersey for your floors and keep out the cold that naturally emanates from tiled floors. Cover your tilled floors temporarily in carpets or rugs to make your rooms warmer and cosier. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to your cold floors that isn’t carpeting, you could consider wooden floors which aren’t as warm as carpets but are definitely warmer than tiles.

Draft stoppers can help keep your home warm

Cold drafts through windows and doors are terrible. Not only do they let the warmth escape, but they also let the cold air in. Make or buy inexpensive draft stoppers to seal off the bottoms of your doors and windows and keep the warmth in and the cold out. It won’t cost a lot and it can make a HUGE difference.

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Thicker curtains for winter

We’ve seen winter sheets, but have you heard of winter curtains? Glass windows may not be permeable, but in the same way that a cool drink feels cold from the outside of the glass, you can definitely feel the cold from outside from the inside of your windows. Thicker curtains add an extra barrier and help keep some of the cold from your windows out.

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Close off unused fireplaces

Your fireplace can be your worst enemy. Cold air can drift in through your chimney and make the room colder when the fire isn’t burning. Close off unused fireplaces with a stylish removable panel that complements your décor and keeps the cold air out too.

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Live in smaller rooms- the kitchen is a good one

Big, open plan spaces are all the rage, but when the temperature drops they can be hard to warm. Moving your family’s living space to smaller rooms is a great way to save on warming the room. Congregating around the kitchen table or breakfast nook is a great idea, especially during cooking times when the heat of the stove adds to the warmth of the room.