Being strong as you grow older is VITALLY important to having energy and productivity in your daily life. It should be just as important to you as looking ‘slim and toned’…

If you’ve been feeling like you’re struggling more and more to stay fit and strong as you get older, I have news for you… The curve gets steeper every year!

This means that the BEST thing to do is begin NOW, and build your strength as much as you can so that you can help yourself yourself off the ground if you fall down, or need to get out of the bath in 20 years time.

Here are some ways to begin your journey to being strong and  toned, and some helpful tips to ensure that your progress is steady.

First, the bad news…

So, here’s the thing, most people in today’s world are weak. How can you tell your own strength-level? Well, how many push-ups and pull ups can you do?

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If the answer is fewer than three push-ups and fewer than one pull-up, then you’re totally normal, and totally weak.

And just to get this out-of-the-way now, there are NOT different types of strength. Strength is the ability to exert force against a load. That’s it. So if you can do yoga, that doesn’t mean you’re STRONG. To be strong, you must (at least) be able to move your own bodyweight – so push-ups and pull-ups are a good way to measure your minimum strength.

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