We can all think of things to do rather than cleaning, so here are some ways to save time and money while cruising through household chores…

1. Spot-clean floors

If most of your home flooring is tiled, laminate or hardwood, you probably spend a fair amount of time mopping. Save time by spot mopping the floor, only cleaning where you see evidence of dirt and spills, to keep floors looking clean in a flash.

2. Love laundry

  • Make your clothes last longer and save money by closing zips and buttons before loading the washing machine. This stops zippers and buttons from pulling on other clothes and ripping holes in clothes while in the wash.
  • Before hanging them up on the line, turn clothes inside out. This helps reduce the colour fading caused by the sun.
  • Cut the ironing pile in half by folding dry clothes as you take them off the line.

How to keep a clean and clutter-free home

3. Hide counter clutter

Conquering countertop clutter is an ongoing battle for many of us. Cut yourself some slack by hiding it.

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Here’s how: Buy a decorative box that looks cute on a countertop or shelf and toss those homeless items inside. The clutter is still there, but it doesn’t look like a mess and, at the end of the day, you can take that box and sort through it while watching TV.

Bonus tip: If you have kids, get them to help. Start them young, when they still think it’s fun to help mom and dad tidying up. Ask your toddler to pick up his or her dirty clothes and throw them in the laundry bin, wipe a kitchen table and pack away his or her toys.