3.     Push and crunch

Next you’re going to get on the floor. Start in a push-up position, and do push-ups for 30 seconds. (The video below shows you how to progress to full push-ups from beginner to advanced)


In your 10-second break, roll over and do crunches for 30 seconds. By now, you should be breathing heavily. You won’t die! Keep working!

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4.     Get a chair

The next pair of exercises require the use of a chair or step, but not for sitting on.

You’ll do alternating leg step-ups onto it for 30 seconds, and then switch around and do triceps dips for the following 30 seconds.


5.     Down, up and lunge

Now get into push-up position again, but simply hold it for 30 seconds (this is called a plank) and then spring up and do 30 seconds of high knee running-in-place.



Thereafter, do 30 seconds of alternating leg static lunges.

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