Whether you’re avid about indigenous gardening or happy to spend hours creating the perfect rose garden, you know one thing for certain: a garden doesn’t work without it’s ‘little helpers’…

Be a friend to bees, and consider adding a bee box to your garden today

When we think ‘bees’, we think ‘honey’. In reality, many of our native pollinating bees don’t produce honey – they simply help plants grow, flower and thrive.

Bees are a key part of our ecosystem

With added pressure from imported honeybees, however, and the increased usages of pesticides in agriculture, the local bee populations have been in decline for a while.

Help turn the tide, and add a ‘bee box’ to your garden. Similar to a bird box, this provides a series of hollow tubes perfect for them to safely lay eggs and create a home for themselves. In turn, you’ll see a happier, healthier garden – and a thriving ecosystem to boot!

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