Make weight loss a part of your work day if you want to reach your weight-loss goals timeously.

Try to include more activities in your work day. Whatever gets you moving will help you to burn calories for weight loss. Here are some ways in which you can include more movement in the days that you usually spend at work.

Omit tea, coffee or snack breaks

Consider omitting the tea, coffee or snack breaks, especially if you don’t really need them. Consuming the extra calories can throw your calorie count off for the day!

Substitute tea, coffee or snack breaks with exercise

If you find that you do not need to have a snack or something to drink during your break time, consider using this time to get in some exercise. If you have a relatively short break, you could use it to go for a walk or jog. Longer breaks could even accommodate a quick visit to the gym or a short work out to be undertaken.

Be sure to remember to take your exercise gear, clothes, etc., with you to work. Comfort and safety when working out should not be forgotten.

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Make team building a physical activity

You could perhaps make a suggestion to your manager that the next team-building activity be a physical one. This could involve playing games, engaging in sporting activities or other outdoor activities. Have fun and remember to opt for water during hydration/break times.

Simple exercises in office

If you are unable to leave the office during working hours, you could perhaps engage in short and simple exercises whilst in your office. Push-ups and sit-ups are examples for such exercises. You could also do some light weight lifting.Consider keeping some light weights in your desk drawer that you could use when you have a chance.


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