Mama Panther might have just added another cub to her family if social media speculation is anything to go by as many people believe that Pearl Thusi has adopted a daughter

If you’ve been following Pearl Thusi for the past few months, you will notice that her Instagram has featured an adorable guest by the name of Okuhle since late last year. Although the Queen Sono star has yet to confirm it, it’s looking increasingly likely that the young princess is the newest member of Pearl’s family.

Okuhle appears to have fitted into the Thusi household (and indeed the Thusi life) with ease and grace, but Pearl has been careful to balance her privacy and exposure to the public.

From what we can gather, Okuhle is still a young primary school learner with an adorable smile and a love for big bags. Although many of us don’t know too much about her background, it’s safe to say that Mzansi has fallen in love with her.

Okuhle first made an appearance on Pearl Thusi’s Instagram page back in November 2018 when the actress and presenter wrote about a touching moment they shared in Ghana

She said at the time, “I was suddenly having a bad day… but the show had to go on… & then God sent this angel to me 👼🏽” before adding, “To her I might have just been a life sized doll, but to me she said ‘I love you, you’re beautiful’. Without saying a word. I wonder if she’ll ever understand what she did for me on this day in Accra.”

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While the post was sweet, we didn’t realise that this was about to be the beginning of a beautiful family story. Since then, Okuhle has been regularly pictured with Pearl’s first-born daughter, Thando and the actress has been keen to portray the three of them as a family.

Another big hint came when Pearl shared an image with her girls, adding that a “papa bear” wasn’t needed – further suggesting that she and Thando had welcomed an angel into their family.

This year began with Pearl showing us how Okuhle was getting to know the people in her life, integrating into her new school and bonding with Thando, her would-be sibling.

This week, Mama Panther dropped the biggest hint yet that Okuhle was the newest addition to her family when she shared images from their latest photoshoot

In her caption, she spoke about how women can become mothers through love and not always through blood:

From as far back as 2010, Pearl has always been open about her desire to adopt children when she is ready to welcome more members into her family. It looks like she has stayed true to her word:

On a scale of 1 to 10 (where you’re allowed to go over 10!) how adorable are Pearl, Thando and Okuhle?