If you think that every star in Tinseltown drives around in a Ferrari or Bugatti, you’re sadly mistaken!

Yes, some stars like to flash the cash when it comes to their wheels, but others are more into family rides with plenty of boot space or environmentally friendly cars like Elon Musk’s Tesla range.

On the extreme end, some stars are just plain cheap and don’t believe in spending a dime more than what they should.

Hey, if it gets you from A to B, who cares?

Ever wondered what cars your favourite celebs drive? You’ll be surprised at these…


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The Hamptons, New York – 6/25/2017 – Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Take her Children Shopping at Blue & Cream.

PIC: www.magazinefeatures.co.za


Monday, February 4, 2019 – Jennifer Garner makes a mad dash to her car after working up a sweat in her morning boxing class. PIC: www.magazinefeatures.co.za


22 May 2017.
Jimmy Kimmel is seen driving a Volkswagen 181, also known as the “Thing” in the United States
PIC: www.magazinefeatures.co.za



Exclusive, Los Angeles, CA – 7/9/17
Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Stella Maxwell are seen driving around LA in Stewart’s beat up Toyota pickup truck. The couple stopped by Food Shop to get some lunch to go.
-PICTURED: Kristen Stewart, Stella Maxwell
PIC: www.magazinefeatures.co.za