How long should you go for?


Image: Roman Samborskyi


This is important to consider, especially if both you and your spouse have full-time jobs. You might only be able to go for a week or two rather than a month, as some people might plan. Ensure that you can both apply for enough leave days for the honeymoon and the necessary travelling time.

You could plan to go for a two-week holiday during the sunny months, or you could opt for a one-week adventure to an island paradise where you can dive and explore the waters. You will also need to think about your budget and how long you are staying. You will need to factor in how much spending money you have to spare for the duration.

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Gather the right documents


Image: Dmytro Sidelnikov


Imagine the scene: you have booked your flight, packed your bags and arrived at the airport but you are not able to board the plane because you do not have the right visa or passport. Not having the right documents will turn your dream honeymoon into a nightmare.

If you will be travelling to a foreign island, you will need to have a visa and passport that are both up to date. Applying for a visa under your married name and not your maiden name (as reflected in your passport) could cause more issues that you will need to deal with.

Speak to your spouse about updating their passport at least three months before the wedding, too as it could be out of date or they might not have one yet. Having everything ready ahead of time will ensure that you are stress-free and relaxed during your honeymoon.