It’s exhausting for us, and not healthy for them – here’s how NOT to be a mom-servant…

“Mom! I’m hunnngggrrrry”

“Mommy, where’s my colouring pencils?”

“More juice!”

“Mom, I can’t find my shoes!”

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Sound familiar?

No wonder moms feel like they’ve lived 1 000 lives by noon each day. On top of work and our own neverending to-do lists, we’re also expected to tend to our children’s every need.

And, while it’s in our nature to want to be supermoms (because kids are so darn cute and we love them more than life itself) – it’s not healthy – for them or for us!

In this video, creator of Q Wunder app and emotional intelligence coach, sits down with Elle from WhatsUpMoms to share some tips on how to raise independent kids. Her advice includes:

  • Can they get it themselves?:  If your kids ask you for something – you should ask yourself, “Can they get it themselves” and if not, why not? Re-think why your kids are asking you to do something, instead of doing it themselves – it might be as easy as making something more easily accessible!
  • Curb the snack addiction: Does the constant need for snacks have you feeling like a waitress in your own home? Curb the snack addiction by making sure that your kids eat big-enough meals. Be clear and consistent about when meal times are and when snack times are!
  • Make clean-up a prerequisite: Kids are masters at jumping from one activity to the next – but before they do, have them clean-up whatever they’re busy with. You’ll be surprised at how efficient kids are at cleaning up when they are motivated by something that they want

Watch the full video below: