Last updated on Nov 19th, 2020 at 10:40 am

Mshoza has come out guns blazing to support fellow musician Moonchild

The queen of kwaito recently took to Twitter to defend Moonchild against people who are not impressed with her risqué outfits.

“So it’s ok for the Beyoncé’s and them to come into our democratic country ngentsula but for our own @MoonSanelly you ask so many questions?

“I am gonna posts this pic till you all tired. Veza lontsula Moonchild my girl. Entertain and educate them,” she wrote.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Mshoza says that she was not dissing Beyoncé with her comment, but rather trying to educate people

“I am a huge Beyhive fan. To me, Beyoncé and Moonchild represent being women in the same way. They are both not scared to go nude in showcasing being women using the craft,” she told the publication.

The musician added that she supports all women who are not afraid to embrace their bodies and what others might deem imperfections.

“Remember back in the days we as women, we used to wear such revealing clothes, but society made us change and made us want to be looked at differently. Today we fight to wear what we want.”

Mshoza says that Moonchild is the new meaning of “free women”

She says that the picture she posted on her Twitter page simply encourages women to feel free and not worry about what others might think.
“So many times we as African women are limited in many ways because we fear the next person. Moonchild’s freedom is seen through her body.”