4. You will learn to cook like a pro!

There’s no packet sauces and pre-made mixes here. You’re going to learn to cook tasty meals using natural oils and spices. You’ll feel like a complete rock star chef when you get it right, and you’ll love the look on your friends’ and family’s faces when they taste real flavours in healthy meals. It’s the best!

Low Carb Chicken Greek burgers with Tzatziki recipe

5. You can have some wine

Look, there’s no diet that will allow you to drink yourself silly on a daily basis. However, on the Mediterranean Diet you can have a glass of red wine with dinner and consider it part of the plan, rather than a cheat.

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That’s good news for almost everyone! And if you don’t like red wine yet, learn to – it’s a good life lesson, as well as being really nice once you have the taste.

Low Carb Chicken Greek burgers with Tzatziki recipe

Greek Chicken Kebabs recipe

Ready to take on the Mediterranean Diet?

Search online and download a plan from the numerous sources available. Now start, and STICK to the plan for at least six weeks. Don’t deviate from it, or you won’t really see the true results.