2. You’ll never be hungry

On the Mediterranean Diet, you can eat your fill of fruits AND veggies, meaning you’ll never have a reason to feel hungry. And that’s important, because most diet mistakes come when dieters don’t eat enough food for a while, and then suddenly binge when they feel hungry.

You’ll also be eating foods that satisfy, rather than the terrible processed stuff you may be used to.

Don’t eat these if you’re following a Mediterranean diet & lifestyle plan

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3. You’ll be enjoying fresh foods and bread

The Mediterranean Diet is one of the few currently popular diets that allows for some bread to be eaten as part of the plan.

Most trendy diets demonise bread (it IS a carb, after all) and cut it from the programme. On the Mediterranean Diet you CAN enjoy some bread, as long as it’s good quality, wholegrain bread and you don’t overdo it.

The other foods you’ll be eating are almost all fresh, so they’re tasty, simple and easy to get. No worries about defrosting food, or failing to plan and having to get a take-away. Fresh foods, easy to prepare take those problems away.

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