It’s Adopt a Shelter Pet Day on 30 April, a great reminder that there are many pets in a shelter near you in need of a loving home…

If you’re considering enriching your life with a pet, visiting a shelter to find the right companion can be a life-changing experience.

Pedigree’s brand manager Ashleigh Sanderson says that adopting a pet is a highly rewarding experience for the pet and its new owner. “Obviously, there are various factors to consider before adopting a pet: do you have enough space for the pet to get exercise, can you afford food and vet check-ups, and do you have time to give your new companion the attention and love it deserves?”

If all these boxes are ticked, then there is a loving pet in a shelter near you, waiting for you to take him or her home. Instead of purchasing a dog from a breeder or shop, there are many reasons to rescue a pet that no longer has a home.

Pedigree has identified seven reasons why adopting a pet is a fantastic idea:

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1. You can see their true personality

When visiting a shelter, you can get to know different pets by spending some time with them and asking the carers about their individual personalities. You will know exactly what you are getting – the quiet, gentle type or the loud and boisterous friend you always wanted.

There is nothing quite like a pet who is grateful for the second chance they have been given, even though it may take time for them to settle in

2. They get a medical check up

Most shelters check their pets for any diseases as soon as they come into the shelter and give them any vaccinations or other medical attention they may need. This means they are set to go when you want to take them home.

3. You could adopt a fully trained pet

Many of the pets at shelters have already been house-trained and some even know a trick or two. This means you don’t have to worry about chewed shoes, demolished furniture and ‘accidents’ in the house.

4. There are so many choices

You will be spoilt for choice at a shelter. From pedigreed animals to mixed breed varieties – the perfect companions are out there, all looking for families to call their own.

5. Find the perfect match for your lifestyle

If you are an adventure-seeker, fitness junkie or a laze about on the couch type, you will be able to find a pet that matches your lifestyle. Whether it is a running partner or a cuddle buddy you need, there is a perfect pet out there for you.

6. Second chance at life kisses

There is nothing quite like a pet who is grateful for the second chance they have been given, even though it may take time for them to settle in.

7. YOU will be saving a life!

When you adopt your new best buddy and give him or her a second chance at a loving home, know that you are saving a life and freeing up a spot for another pet to find a home of their own.

“Pedigree fully supports the #adoptdontshop initiative as we believe every animal deserves a loving home. Please remember to always think carefully before adopting a pet as they are a lifetime commitment. Just as they are generous with their love and loyalty, they need the same from you,” concludes Sanderson.