Even if you’re not in a position to adopt, you can volunteer or sponsor a dog in need at Dogtown…

Every day thousands of domestic animals lose their lives because they have no home. It is Dogtown’s mission to decrease the senseless killing of animals because humans have failed them. Their mantra is to save more lives.

Dogtown South Africa is a specialised animal sanctuary focusing on the rehabilitation of abandoned and abused dogs throughout South Africa. Dogtown takes in dogs from shelters around the country that cannot provide the specialised care for these special needs dogs.

They are often the last chance for these dogs to lead a balanced and enriched life. There are 175 such dogs currently residing at Dogtown.

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Education is a key part of their work, educating families on how to care for their animals, assisting poorer communities with the care of their animals and visiting schools to promote dog safety.

77% of dog bites around the world are by a known or family dog. Their school education programme teaches children how to be safe around dogs.

Their click-to-feed project donates almost two tons of food each month to shelters and outreach communities and provides a central online portal for all shelters to promote the animals in their care looking for loving homes.

To find out more, go to //barkingmad.co.za/about-dogtown-sa/

Phone (office hours): Elanza – 076 044 1979 / Marna – 073 092 7800

Or you can reach them via email: info@dogtownsa.org

Adopt a DogtownSA Dog: adopt@dogtownsa.org

Fundraising Events and Donations: pat@dogtownsa.org

Volunteer Enquiries: volunteer@dogtownsa.org