If there’s one household task you probably haven’t given much consideration too, it’s probably how you vacuum. After all, it’s pretty simple, right? Simply fire up the vacuum and go for it!

The experts, however, say that most of us don’t vacuum in a way that does much good at all, and leaves missed surfaces and pockets of dirt behind.

Here’s what they suggest instead:

Most of us vacuum from a single spot, pushing the vacuum out and in around us, before moving to the next spot. This irregular method not only doesn’t revive crushed pile, but it’s also prone to missing entire areas. We also rush to get it done as quickly as possible.

Instead, try to treat the vacuum like a lawnmower

Vacuum vertically, then re-vacuum horizontally. This will pep up the pile, as well as ensure any trapped dirt is released and caught.

And be sure to take it slow – quick strokes may appear to get the job done quicker, but just lead to more dirt left behind. And who wants extra dirt to deal with?

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