There’s nothing more infuriating than mopping a floor to perfection, only to dump a load of dirty water all over it when you move the bucket…

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen – so why not try this alternate way to mop, instead?

This technique works best with microfibre style mops, as they require far less water in order to get the job done.

Simply fill an old spray bottle with a dilute mix of the water and cleaner, and spray that ahead of (or directly on to) your mop. If you’d like to rinse, use a separate microfibre mop, dip it in clean water (or run under the tap) and squeeze it out.

You’ll lose none of the cleaning power, thanks to the power of the microfibre, but save substantially on cleaners and time, as well as avoiding ugly water spills that can damage your flooring. It’s a win-win!

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