Musa Mthombeni still appears to be nursing a crush on Thuso Mbedu

The actress has made it very clear in the past that the Trending SA co-host is just a friend but that hasn’t stopped him from admiring her – from afar.

Dr Musa, as he is also known after becoming a qualified doctor, recently sent the two-time iEmmy-nominated actress a bouquet of roses – 100 roses to be exact!

The flowers were in celebration of Thuso landing a leading role in a new American series.

“Yhu! 100 is a lot. Dankie Dokotela!!!” she wrote on Twitter.

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But if there were any doubts about whether Musa was still in the friendzone, Thuso hit him with a “thank you, friend”!

“Dedicating this to all the ladies that MCM you. But heads up-nyana because wow, where must the vase appear from. They are loved. Thank you, my friend,” she tweeted.

It’s not the first time that Thuso has made it clear they are just friends

She politely rejected his advances in 2018.

Musa’s own mother had to step in to plead her son’s case.

“My mother cornered @ThusoMbedu after the funeral to ask her why she isn’t giving me a chance and HER grandchildren. My mom has reached a new level of needy!” he tweeted in May last year.

Musa has publicly professed his love for Thuso on more than one occasion.

“I’m ready to risk it all… Ready to default a few home loan repayments here… Ready to move to the homelands and start farming… Ready to be a father of 12…” he joked after bumping into her at the 2018 SAFTAs.

They might not be an item, but they have clearly become good friends.

Better luck next time, Musa!