If you have lots of shelf space, use it to enhance your home by following these tips on how to style shelves…

In the following video, Becky and Kelsey, from the YouTube channel ‘The Sorry Girls’, share their top tips for styling shelves perfectly.

Read the take-home tips and watch the video below to learn how to style your shelves beautifully.

The take-home tips:

  • Define the room colour scheme before shopping for décor.
  • Look for unique décor from thrift stores to save money.
  • Look for books, bowls, baskets and plants.
  • Don’t overlook décor at second-hand shops that is not the perfect colour, as it could be painted.
  • Lay out all the décor you like but choose the final pieces so you don’t buy too much.
  • Layer items, using higher items at the back, medium size items in the middle and small décor pieces in the front.
  • Group items in odd numbers.

Watch the video

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